Student Bert Deseine: “Medium voltage is fascinating”

Since a few months we see regularly a Master student, Bert Deseine, walking around and working in our medium voltage museum in Nevele. Bert is a last year student in Electrotechnic and is finalizing his master thesis about – how else – medium voltage. Our companies are trying to support him as well as possible. We took Bert for a short talk.

Bert, last year you decide to make a master thesis about medium voltage. How did you get the idea?

Bert: Medium voltage really captivated me immediately. I am a student in the department of Kortijk of the University of Ghent were I finalize my studies in Electrotechnic speciality Industrial Sciences. Last year I came with my class in Nevele for a visit of Deba, SGC SwitchGear Company and Mevoco. I immediately found the medium voltage sector very interesting. In the lessons at school, the focus is essentially oriented to domestic electricity. The fact that I did not know much about medium voltage makes it exciting to choose for a relatively “new” topic.

“The subject attracted me immediately”

And for this master thesis you are coming regularly to work in our medium voltage museum in Nevele.BertDeseine

Bert: Yes indeed, I am coming once or twice per week in your museum. I am at the source of the information, have all equipment available and can easily put the questions and receive the needed input. An employee of R&D of Mevoco is in fact one of my promoters.

The medium voltage world is of course very large. What are you precisely talking about in your master thesis?

Bert: The title of my thesis is: “Evolution of the switching techniques and evolution of the security in medium voltage switchgear”. Briefly, my work is focusing on how the security of medium voltage switchgear is improved or guaranteed, through the changes in the switching equipment. Therefore, I take all relevant equipments in history under the magnifier and discuss among other things, their operation, technical specifications and improvements compare to older equipments. I also try to make a simulation per equipment.

“Like to deeper analyze the future of switching equipment “

What are you willing to prove and reach with your analysis?

Bert: I try especially to describe the historical evolution. If I still have time, I would like to dedicate a part of my thesis on how the future of the switches and the associate security aspect will evolve or look like. But a master thesis is a long process. The deadline for my thesis is in a few weeks. I don’t know if this will still be reachable (laugh).

We wish you already all the success.