RP800 Digital Protection Relay

Easy, effortless, and quick programming

Today’s network components require maximum reliability, ease of use, and low maintenance.
Mevoco’s protection relay RP800 provides an answer to these requirements.

Overcurrent & Earth Fault Protection Relay

Secondary Distribution Protection for Switchgears:

The RP800 is an OC&EF protection relay with self powered and dual powered (self-powering + auxiliary power) options.

The relay is self powered using the operating current through three standard current transformers fitted on the lines. These transformers are also used to obtain current
measurements. Besides, RP800 can be used with auxiliary power supply (24-30Vac/dc). The relay can be also supplied by a USB cable connected to the laptop or a standard power bank.

Internal commissioning battery included (Lithium battery: 20 years lifetime).

Metallic box with high electromagnetic compatibility level (EMC) and wide range of operating temperature.

Really low start-up levels in self powered mode: 75mA in three phase system /160 mA in single phase system.

Test menu allows the trip circuit to be tested before the transformation centre is powered up.

There are 4 configurable LEDs. When the relay is switched off, their previous states can be checked by powering the relay up (by self-powering the relay through USB cable, auxiliary voltage or pressing commissioning battery).

Self-diagnosis of the relay status (WATCHDOG) through the configurable LEDs and outputs.

Low power consumption.

To allow communication, the protection relay is provided with a local micro USB front port and with remote communication RS485 port (Modbus RTU or DNP3.0 protocol, selectable by general settings) on the rear side.

The RP800 is provided with a trip output for low power coil (24 Vdc – 135 mJ), 3 configurable inputs and 3 configurable outputs.

The RP800 is fitted with the demand of current (Load Data Profiling) with the following characteristics:
– Number of records: 168
– Recording mode circular
– Sampling rate (interval): configurable through communications 1-60 min

The RP800 is provided with non-volatile RAM memory in order to store up to 1.024 events and disturbance fault recording (DFR-20 fault reports and 10 oscillographic records in COMTRADE format), maintaining date & time thanks to its internal RTC (Real Time Clock) even without power supply.

The oscillography is downloaded by communications port. The SICom communications program allows the oscillography record to be downloaded and saved in COMTRADE format (IEEE C37.111-1991).

The installation and subsequent maintenance of external batteries is eliminated. The operating costs of the centre are reduced.

Its compact size makes RP800 easy to install.