RV 44
Load Break Switch

RV44 – Load-Break Switch

The RV 44 load break switch consists of an epoxy enclosure in which fixed and movable contacts are mounted. The switch is filled with SF6-gas (sulphur hexafluoride) and sealed for life.

The special properties of the SF6-gas guarantees a perfect insulating and arc extinguishing function in the housing.

As a result of the ideal switching speed at the switch/drive-mechanism combination, the load-break switch features very short arc times. The patented switching principle combines maximum gas revolving effect with a precise finishing of the electrical contacts. This guarantees excellent dielectrical features and a minimum of contact erosion.

The load break switch is a two-position switch that connects or interrupts the voltage between the high voltage cables and the bus bar. The position of the load-break switch is clearly indicated in the single line diagram.

Depending on the version, the load break switch is operated manually or electrically. See Drive Mechanism. Manual operation is carried out by means of the supplied operating handle.