TO010001 Insulation mat 1,2 M gauge 3 MM – 30 kV

Protects against electric shock, ideal for use on switchboards and live equipment.

Fine ribbed isolation mat grey 30 kV according IEC EN 61111

1200 x 10000 x 3 mm

TO101004 Voltage indicator for open bar


From 3 to 75 kV (between phases)

– Single-pole continously flashing indicator light unit, for permanent installation on conductors
and intended to indicate the the presence of high voltage.

– By design, this equipement does not require electromechanical dischargers which are
liable to become incorrectly adjusted and generate radioelectric interference.

– This equipment consists of a housing containing light-emitting diodes, a clamp fitting
for attachment to the conductor and a swivelling link between the clamp fitting and the houssing.

– When power is on, the light-emitting diodes are illuminated, ensuring to the end user
that the equipment is energized.

– A single clamp fitting is used for the clamping of all round conductors from 5 to 20 mm
and the flat bars between 1 to 20 mm.

Minimum order quantity: 3 pieces

TO110001 Helmet with protection shield

Helmet with protection shield

Safety industrial helmet with ARC FLASH integrated face shield.
Shockproof for the head, 1000 V insulating protection of the shell and eyes and face protection of thermal effect due to an arc.

– IEC 397 – 440V.
– EN 50365 insulated 1000V AC, 1500V DC.
– High density polypropylene helmet.
– Head base points to ensure a precise adjustment for a perfect fit and intermediate positions of the face shield.
– Deformable helmet in case of shock, equipped with a “gutter”.
– Adjustable size from 52 to 66 cm, adjustment of head rim at 5 mm intervals.
– 4 points textile head base, adjustable for a perfect fit.

– Frontal trimming.
– Textile with « clip » : MO-185-BL.
– Textile chin-strap with « clip »: MO-185-BLM.
– Recommended time of use: 5 years
• Face shield: Retractable face shield
– IEC 61482-1-2 class 1 (4kA-500ms – 300mm-Energy 3.48 cal/cm²).
– GS-ET 29.
– Large polycarbonate face shield treated anti-scratch and anti-mist.
– Absorbs >99,9% of harmful UV radiation.
– 70% light transmission.
– Face shield totally retractable inside the helmet.
– Protection against ejections of molten metal (MM).
– EN 166 / EN 170 : 2-1.2. (U.V).
– Optical class : 2.
– Mechanical resistance: B.
– Protection against electrical arc of short-circuit: 8.

TO110010 Cable cover lenght = 33 cm / width = 5 cm

Cable cover lenght = 33 cm / width = 5 cm

Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces

TO150002 Switching stick (intern use)length 1.5 M – 17.5 kV

Switching stick (intern use)length 1.5 M – 17.5 kV

TO150003 Rescue stick 1.65 M

Rescue stick 1.65 M – 45 kV – Delivered with wall mounted support.

Glass fiber / resin polyester, white colour
Large metal hook, fixed on stick
With hand guard
For use in dry conditions

TO150005 Stick voltage tester 5-20 kV – 1.5 M

Stick voltage tester 5-20 kV – 1.5 M

The stick consists of one element.

TO160001 Key locker 24 keys


18 X 25 X 6 CM GREY
weight 1,04 kg net: 953 g
made of heavy steel with cylinder lock and 2 keys

TO160002 Disc for locking padlocks

Disc for locking padlocks with anti-corrosion brass handle.

Marking on both surfaces: standardized symbol/user identity.


TO170002 Tensiontester with testbutton 17.5 kV

IEC electronic voltage detector “Ultra compact series” for indoor and outdoor use.
Ultimate “head capacitive technology” of voltage detector.
Universal application 50 / 60 Hz and wide band of voltage.

Voltage presence is indicated by :
•Red flashing LED (very bright, visible at more than 20 m in direct lighting).
•Powerful rated audible signal > 67 dB (A) / 1.5 m.

Operating check :
•By pressing the Test button, correct operation is indicated by red LED flashing on and a sound signal.
•After releasing the Test button, a timed green LED lights on. It indicates the good working order of the detector.

•Nominal range: 5 kV – 18 kV
•Dielectrically tested on substation bars.
•Precise and stable operating threshold.
•Reduced sensitivity to induced voltages and to interference field.
•High environmental resistance (impacts,vibrations, moisture).
•Robust thermoplastic housing.
•Temperature conditions: class N (-25 to 55°C)
•Power supply: 1 standard 9 V battery 6LR61
•Network frequencies : 50 and 60 Hz
•Dimensions of the detector: Ø 59 x 270 mm.
•Weight of the detector: 0,35 kg.
•Contact electrodes fitted to the body by screwing and easily interchangeables.
•Packaging: supplied in a caring bag
•In compliance with the standard CEI 61243-1 Ed 2 (2003).

End fitting “C”: hexagonal male 12 mm on flats, for hexagonal end fitting stiks.