RP600100 – Protection relay RP600 + connectors

RP600 digital Protection Relay

Mevoco’s RP600 is a digital protection relay of the ‘self-powered type’ easily integrated into both the new VA-2 and VA-2RP vacuum circuit breakers, as well as into modern vacuum circuit breakers made by other manufacturers.

The main features:

ready to be connected up to a laptop
user-friendly user interface with easy-to-read display
very simple and quick to program thanks to the menu-oriented design
wide adjustment range and extensive functionalities


can work autonomously and self powered without an external source
– in combination with a low energy coil
– required energy is sourced from the current transformers
– transformation ratios: 1:50, 1:150, 1:200, 1:400, 1:600

offers multiple protection functions
– I>, I>>, Io>, Io>> (50/51 and 50/51N)
– wide setting range
– 8 curves: constant, inverse, very inverse, extremely inverse, RXIDG (long lasting earth fault), RI inverse

easy, fast programming
– menu drive user interface (English, French, Dutch)
– numerical touch panel with highly readable LCD screen
– ready to be connected to a laptop through RS-232 DB9 port

offers 4 outgoing contact
– 2 of which are freely programmable

extended registration when using an auxiliary supply
– operational data registration
– fault registration
– incident registration
– self-diagnosis

provisions for auxiliary supply
– external supply 110 VAC or 220 VAC
– external supply 12 to 36 VDC on frontal RS-232 DB9 port
– battery block 3 x 9 VDC on frontal RS-232 DB9 port (e.g. for programming in case of missing auxiliary supply)

easy integration into vacuum circuit breaker type VA-2 or VAS-2
– aluminum housing with two connection adapters on the rear
– two connectors AKZ950/12F-5.08 included

RP602020 – Battery block (3) + cables for RP600

Battery block for RP600

Temporary external source for RP600.
Allows programming in case of missing auxiliary supply.

– housing for 3 batteries 9 VDC (batteries not included)
– two connection cables and RS-232 DB9 connectors (one male, one female)