SGC strives for high precision welding

SGC – SwitchGear Company disposes of two welding robots, each of them providing highly targeted work. Our latest automated machine acquisition clearly demonstrates our focus on precision work. Before the robot enters into action, the sheet metal work is placed accurately and stable in its final position. On that way, we avoid any risk of shifting of the plates during the welding process.

The high degree of automation of this robot is also reflected in the fact that the actual welding time per session can be seen of the screen by the means of well located sensors. With the help of light buttons, one can see very quickly in which position the welding robot is located. When the robot is welding, the doors around the machine are locked with a fence partly consisting of light coloured translucent plexiglas. An exhaust system is directly connected to this welding machine. On this way, SGC is committed to a highly precise and user-friendly production process.