RV 53 Interruptor-seccionnador

El RV 53 es un interruptor lleno de gas SF6, 3-funciones (on/off/tierra) de la clase E3 y conforme a la norma IEC 60265-1 de 24 kV – 630(A) – 20 kA. Este producto puede integrarse en las celdas que se fabrican de manera deslocalizada (integradores (OEM)) asociado al mando mecánico que se adapte a la función.

Three phase 3-position (on/off/earth) load break switch
with built-in condensators for voltage detection system

Type RV 53

Ur : 17.5 / 24 kV – Ir : 630 A – Ik : 25 /20 kA
Class E3 according to 62271-103

For AIS incoming cubicle or cable field.
For AIS protection cubicle with fuse combination.

Operated by
– mechanism type DA-53
– mechanism type DP-53 (in a combination with fuses)

– 3 phases in a monobloc epoxy housing
– with integrated earthing switch
– filled with insulating and arc quenching SF6 gas medium
– movable contacts with patented design
– the contacts have precision finish
– high quality epoxy
– provided with larg epoxy partitions

– ‘sealed for life’
– self extinguishing UL94 V0 epoxy
– excellent dielectrical properties
– highly effective revolving of gas around the contacts
– optimal arc quenching
– minimal electrical contact erosion